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My life with Asperger’s Syndrome


Hi my name is Dylan and I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (which is a form of Autism) when I was 10 yrs old. Since I was born it’s been a difficult time because just by how I acted my parents knew something was wrong with me. I didn’t speak full sentences until I was 3 or 4 yrs old. My mom knew that had Autism 4 yrs before I was diagnosed. But she really didn’t understand until then. It changed her whole perspective, life. She didn’t know how it would affect me in the long run. Because my Autism and my weight I have been bullied, and teased and also harassed. I have been to 8 different Schools since I was born because of it hasn’t been easy. Nothing’s ever easy for anyone. I am now 15 yrs old and going into 10th grade which is awesome, but my 9th grade year was terrible. I still have been getting teased and bullied. I know I’m not the only one that has to deal with it to. Only if Bullies had Autism for a day they know what it would be like to get bullied and made fun of. Like that’s going to happen” no It’s not”. So we have to deal with ourselves. Personally I think there should be a website for people with autism to chat and have fun talking to other kids, with the same disability, and parents to. But that’s my thoughts I’m sure a lot of others think every now and then about how to make autism better and how to get friends because a lot of people with autism don’t have friends. I don’t either, we don’t know how to fit in and to be cool. So other people will like us, once anyone knows we have autism they won’t talk to us.  We are the same people as them. . Most people are nice back. To me my life is ok, it could be better. My mom and dad make it the best they can. I also have a 13 yr old brother named Jordan. He makes me feel the best in my life. We also argue a lot , and he also has ADHD/ Pdd-nos. But he looks like a normal kid.


Written by:

Dylan Russell

August 2007



Prayer for Dylan

For the love of God why do they not see. How much pain it brings to me.
The teasing, ridicule, doing things that make me cry. Is it really true, they know not what they do. 

I stand along no friend is near. So I call my mother, 
because she is someone I do not fear, she will listen she will hear. 

For someone to care to wish I was there, who will walk with me and talk with me. When no one else will care. 

So oh dear Lord please hear my prayer. 
For my heart is broke and I need you near. I ask for your strength and guidance to ease my pain. 
To help me see that life has a plan.. 

I will be ok. Mom says I will, what hurts today will make me strong. I will hold true to who I am, for my life has meaning it has a plan

(I love you baby no matter what)

Written by 
Loreine Wynne

 Loreine wrote this for Dylan during a tramatic time where the bullying was unbearable.She gave him this prayer to help him get through all the times he felt helpless. It also was very painful for Loreine to see her son hurt so much.  

The House of Dirty Laundry

   One day I was at my Mom's house and she had stinky laundry all over the place. It was like that for months before I got there, it was so  nasty. She would never leave laundry anywhere, for real!

   Mom and I talked for awhile. Then we ate dinner. After that we had desert and it smelled like dirty laundry. I was going to stay, but it stunk so bad I had to leave. When I left I went to get a hotel room so I could relax and not have to smell the stench. 

   Then I got hungry and I ordered room service. The room service was a lot better than Mom's cooking, just kidding my mom cooks so good. Then I stayed at the hotel for one day. When I got home in my nice house that doesn't stink, I was very happy. 

The End 
Dylan Russell. 

About my Mom's hand. 

My Mom's hand is caring and warm. 
When my mom touches my head when I don't feel good , it feels warm. 

When I get home everyday my Mom's hand is so fast that she can type 60 words per minute. She uses her hand to , change diapers, play with the babies, and read books to the babies. 

When its dinner time my Mom is like a chef, her hands move so fast when she's cooking. She makes the greatest, meals. 

When my Mom helps me with my homework she writes what I say. 

Sometimes when I have a bad day or I'm stressed. I feel good when she helps me out. 

Then it's time for bed. 
She gives me a big hug and kisses me on the forehead. Then she waves goodnight. 
Then I wave goodnight. This story was about my Mom's hand. 

The End 
By Dylan Russell 

About My Mom and Dad

   My parents are the best in the world I wouldn't wish for any other parents if I could. They do everything for me. My dad works at the Visteon plant in Milan, and my mom does here own childcare business. 

   I don't get to see my dad during the week but I get to see him on the weekends. My Mom's  favorite things to do when she's not busy are to relax, and listen to music or do gardening. 

   My Dad's favorite's things to do when he's not busy or working he plays golf or poker, and rides his Harley. They provide me with a roof over my head and food to eat so that's all I need from them. 

   Oh and they also provide me with clothes on my body. They do as much as they can for me. That's why their  best parents in the world. Thanks for reading what I wrote for you. 

By Dylan Russell

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