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Thanks Loreine.
The presentation was great.  They video and slides were perfect for the
kids.  They really helped explain Dylan's feelings and experiences.
Your son is truly amazing.  He was so open and flexible with all our
"technical difficulties".  He really has over come his illness and is
making a huge impact on the lives of children.

Everyone around the school is still talking about how much Dylan's
presentation meant to our students.  I know his experiences resonated
with Michael especially.  It is incredible how you and Dylan have
reached out to him and helped him to feel (for the first time) that he
is not alone.

The kids are working on a Thank You for you and Dylan.  I'll be in
touch as soon as they finish it so we can get it to you.

Thank you so much. 

Hi Loreine,

From the video presentation, it seems to me that Dylan is a remarkably poised and articulate young man. I am positive that I would not have been brave enough at his age to speak out on the issue of bullying and I commend him for taking a public stand. It's not easy at any age, let alone during adolescence. We need more people like him and I wish you and him continued success in lining up more speaking engagements. 
Tell Dylan to please keep up the good work!

Best Wishes,
Nick Dubin

Dear Loreine (and Dylan),
I was very touched by your presentation in Sally's class.  I have worked for 5 years with pre-school aged children with Autism and have rarely had the opportunity to see students as they have gotten older.  I am appalled by your school district's descision-making process!  This is why I am so concerned with starting the family/school system relationship off on the right foot...
Jim D.
ps - keep up the good work!!!!


The pleasure was all mine!
I have come back to academia to change the way teachers treat persons
with autism and their families. My students learned a lot from you and
Dylan. He was a great sport! If we can do anything for you and family
please let me know.

Take care