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Loreine and Dylan are mother and son. Dylan was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. She has been a very strong advocate for his needs. When he entered High School they never had any idea how difficult their lives would become. Not only had the bullying , harrassment continued. It no longer was just in the school. But on the internet, cell phone and even at our front door. That brought upon many other uncertianties into their lives. To the point where a decision needed to be made. The choice was pretty much made for them when more severe issues arouse that made it no longer safe for Dylan to be in the public school system  
They no longer were willing to put their son on the front line for hurt,disappointment, and feared for his well-being. From all their struggles they found the strength to follow a different path. They wanted to make a difference and spread the word on how bullying affects those with Aspergers Syndrome. That was when Dylan wrote a article on Aspergers and Bullying. Along with bullying in general. He then was invited to speak at a local University and that was the beginning.   

Michigan has a statewide anti bullying education policy adopted in 2001.  Although policies are NOT state laws, policies are mandated by law - 2nd best to having a law.  If your child is currently being bullied in Michigan, I would suggest you obtain a copy of this policy by going to and pulling down this PDF file. Take this policy to your school and demand that the "Policies on Bullying" be enforced.


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